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Guurrbi Tours – One of Australia’s Ultimate Must-Do Experiences

Guurrbi – – Award Winning Aboriginal Tours

“An amazing journey of story and dreaming, birthing and beginning”
Andrew Fairley, Turtle Cove, Fiji.

These magical award-winning Aboriginal tours with Nugal-warra Elder, Wilfred (Willie) Gordon, are now listed as One of Australia’s Ultimate Must-Do Experiences.

Willie, the traditional story-keeper of the Nugal-warra clan, takes guests to his ancestral rock art sites at Wangaar-Wuri, high in the hills above Hope Vale, outside Cooktown. Here he shares the stories behind the art, and explains how the cave paintings speak of the essence of life and the lores of his people.

With his great smile and infectious laugh, Willie gives an amazing insight into Aboriginal culture and society, and shows how we all have a spiritual place, wherever we come from.

Nugal-warra Elder, Wilfred (Willie) Gordon

Guurrbi Tours –

The Australian Travel & Tourism Awards finalist 2010 – A Top 10 Queensland Must-Do 2009
One of Australia’s 20 Top Tours 2009 – Indigenous Tourism Biodiversity Website Award 2009
Best Indigenous Tourism Experience runner-up 2009 – Gnunkai Indigenous Tour Guide Award 2007
One of Australia’s Great Hidden Experiences 2007 – An Australian Ultimate Must-Do Experience since 2006

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