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The 8 Most Bizarre Rituals in the World

The 8 Most Bizarre Rituals in the World

By Turner Wright
Taken out of their cultural context, these rituals may well be considered “bizarre”, “unnecessary”, even downright insane, but not to those who perform them. They completely believe in what they’re doing, what it represents, and the impact on the receiver.

What are some of the most bizarre rituals around the world?

#1: Birth
A Muslim shrine in the Maharashtra state of India, where it is common practice to toss newborn babies off the side of a 15-meter tall temple.

#2: Marriage
The history of certain wedding customs are bizarre in themselves.

#3: Food
Phuket Vegetarian Festival

#4: Death
Sky Burial, Tibet

#5: Fire
Udappu Firewalking, Sri Lanka

#6: Fertility
Hounen Matsuri Fertility Festival, Japan

#7: Blood
Maasai Cow Blood Demonstration, East Africa

#8: Coming of Age
Bullet Ant, Costa Rica

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About the author …

Turner Wright enjoys the finer things in life, which include: writing travel articles, eating too much, and running until his veins pump battery acid. He is a simple boy from Austin, Texas, but will soon be bouncing around three continents. Check out his blog, Once A Traveler.

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