Posted by: traveljunkies | November 14, 2010

Ideas For Round-the-World Travelers

Not sure what to take … these  ideas will make travel a bit easier …

Travel hammocks

As good as a tent, but lighter and take up less room in your pack ….

Compression sacks

How to fit all the stuff  into your small backpack … Easy, compression sacks ….

Travel clothing with lots of pockets

If you want to travel around the world with minimum luggage, use your pockets ….

Travel tripod

No matter how hard you try to keep still you’ll still shake  …

Travel water purifier

A travel water purifier may be the best travel insurance you can buy ….

Sleep sack

A sleep sack is invaluable in dubious hostels and hotels ….

Portable external hard drive

You can never backup your computer too much, nuff said ….

USB charger

You’ll never find a power outlet when you really need one  ….

Travel underwear and socks

Goes without saying ….


So many uses … scarf, cap, headband, mask, dust screen or even underwear ….

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