Posted by: traveljunkies | May 24, 2010

Volcanic Ash Flight Disruption: List of Insurers Who Will/Will Not Pay Out

Published by Go Timeshare on 17/05/2010
As Iceland’s most notorious volcano continues to erupt and disrupt, with more flights grounded this week, the burning issue for travellers is which insurers will pay out and which won’t
Many of us have been booking flights without bothering with insurance – until now, that is. As this week starts off with more cancellations, passengers are looking at the fine print on their insurance policies.
It’s understood that holidaymakers who booked and bought insurance before April 15 should be covered but it’s safest to double check with the insurer. This is a list of who won’t pay, and who will, going forward.
· Columbus Direct: Cover for travel delay and abandonment.
· Direct Line: Costs for delays and abandonment.
· Direct Travel: Costs not covered by travel firms.
· HSBC/First Direct: Travel expenses and accommodation.
· John Lewis/Greenbee: Extra travel costs.
· Marks & Spencer Money: Travel expenses and accommodation.
· Saga: Up to £5,000 for unused travel and accommodation costs.
· Santander: Up to £100 for delays, and £5,000 for cancellations.
INSURERS WHO WILL NOT PAY include: Aviva, Axa (unless you buy their independent traveller policy), Barclays, Churchill, Easyjet (Mondial), Halifax and Lloyds Banking Group, Insure & Go, Mondial Assistance, More Than, Nationwide Building Society, Natwest (if you are an Advantage Gold customer, they will) , Ryanair (Axa), Tesco, Thomas Cook (if you have bought independently – if you have a package holiday you are covered) and the same applies with Thomas Cook. Virgin Money are the last in the “non-paying” list.
In any event, it’s best to double-check before you fly.
GoTimeshare Staff Reporting by Fiona Klonarides


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    Thanks for all the wonderful information I really enjoyed it !…

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful information I really enjoyed it !

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