Posted by: traveljunkies | April 1, 2010

Why women make swimming pools dirty.

Why women make swimming pools dirty.

A survey of over 1000 swimming pools has shown that the biggest pollutants are oil based. So much for the stories of little boys peeing in the pool.

Earlier pools were designed with a few openings at water level to allow the water to be re-cycled. The main drain was at the bottom of the deapest part of the pool. This dealt with dirt at the bottom of the pool but what about the film of oil on top of the water? Modern pools are built in the infinity style where the water runs over the top edges of the pool into the drains. This deals with the problem of the oil lying on top of the water, because as we know, oil floats on water.

But where does this oil come from?

In outdoor pools, sun lotion is high on the list but what about the more interesting question of indoor pools, public swimming pools, pools at fitness centers and even pools at colleges and universities?

This is where the dirty women come in.

Analysis of the oil showed that more than 80% was due to cosmetic products of one kind or another. Creams, make up, hair sprays etc. Products used by most women but few men.

Many people shower before using a pool and this is reasonably effective to remove body fluids such as sweat which are water based, but is quite ineffective in removing oil. Even more significant is that most people showering before entering a pool do so wearing their swimming clothes. Mens shorts and womens bikinis allow much of the body to be showered but what about the cover-up, all-in-one swimming costumes worn by many women, especially older ones. Yes, those women who are the biggest market for all those creams.

Until we all learn to shower properly, and that means soap and water as well as anything else to get the oil off our bodies, don’t drink pool water, wear goggles to protect your eyes and stop worrying about little boys and girls, (and older ones) having the occasional pee in the pool.



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  3. That’s why a good filtration system and proper chemical sanitation is so important.

    Rob Edgar
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    • I agree Rob & thanks for your comment.
      Even if the chemical sanitation is up to scratch, it often doesn’t take the scum off the top of old style pools.

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