Posted by: traveljunkies | March 26, 2010

Spanish travellers ‘are worst tippers’

Trip AdvisorSurvey
Reported by BT Yahoo Travel

A new study has revealed that Spanish tourists are the least generous when it comes to tipping on holiday.

An overwhelming 80% of Spanish travellers who were questioned by TripAdvisor said that they do not always tip when they visit other countries.

They were closely followed by 78% of Italians and 76% of French, while 57% of British people surveyed said that they didn’t always reward service staff.

The study into tipping etiquette, which polled 2,441 travellers, also revealed that three-quarters of Britons don’t always research tipping customs before holidaying abroad.

As a result, 15% said they had been confronted by staff for not leaving a tip and 6% said their holiday had been ruined because of this type of experience.

Two-thirds of Brits also admitted that they are put off holidaying in the United States because of its well-known hard-line tipping culture.

Commenting on the study, Emyr Thomas, director of concierge and lifestyle management company Bon Vivant, said: “Tipping can be socially awkward and can cause endless embarrassment, especially on holiday when we are unfamiliar with local customs.

“In some countries it is considered rude not to tip, so you might need to justify yourself, just as in others, such as Japan, it is often considered rude to tip at all.”

He added: “I would always recommend reading up about the customs of a particular country before travelling there. However, if you are stuck, adding a tip of 10% is the course of action least likely to cause offence and embarrassment, especially in Europe, where customs do not vary too much.”



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