Posted by: traveljunkies | March 12, 2010

14 Reasons Why I Won’t Buy Another Mercedes Benz

Between 1985 and 1997 I had three BMW 3 Series cars and drove over 200,000 miles.

My cars were regularly serviced by my local BMW dealer and I never had a any trouble with any of them. While being serviced BMW always provided a BMW courtesy car and on the two occasions it was inconvenient, they collected my car from home and returned it to my home.

Equally importantly, the BMW dealership always answered the phone.

In March 1998 I bought a new Mercedes E300 Avantguard Turbodiesel from my local Mercedes dealership.

Within six months and with less than 10,000 miles on the clock the engine died while I was driving at 70 mph on a dual carriageway. With no power steering and very little brakes I managed to stop without accident.

I called Mercedes but when the mechanic arrived he said he couldn’t do anything.

Fortunately I was able to re-start the car and I drove home.

Next day I took the car to the Mercedes dealership who inspected it and said they couldn’t find anything wrong, so I drove home.

The engine died on my way home after five miles so I took it back to the dealer. After three days they called to say they had found a weak connection and had fixed it.

Two weeks later the engine died again.

This time Mercedes admitted they were having trouble with several fuel units and replaced it. This fixed the problem.

Before the car was a year old the alarm would go off for no reason.

I took the car back to the dealer three times before they found the fault.

Then when I put my headlights on main beam the dashboard lit up with the message “faulty bulb” and I couldn’t reset it, so I carried a cloth to stuff in front of the display so I didn’t have the glare in my eyes. Repeated visits to the dealership failed to fix the problem until, two years later, they found the light switch was faulty.

When my car was broken into and the stereo stolen I took my car to the dealership for repairs and a new stereo.

When I went to collect it, they had fitted a light brown stereo in a black dashboard. What an eyesore.  Even worse, the broken glass from the passenger window was still in the door pocket.

So not only was the car rubbish, the dealership was even worse.

In all, my car went back to the Merecedes dealership fourteen times in four years.

And add the frustration of the Mercedes dealership failing to answer their phone ….

Score on faulty product and service  …

BMW nil, Mercedes minus 14


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