Posted by: traveljunkies | March 12, 2010

10 Things Backpackers and Adventure Travellers Do But Don’t Often Talk About

Backpackers and Adventure Travellers aren’t always the world’s most ethical travelers. Having little money, and being in places where no one knows them, they get away with quite a bit. For the most part, it’s nothing terrible, just a few misdemeanors. Here are a few of the ones that most backpackers don’t tend to brag about:

1 – Wear Dirty Underwear

Sometimes, backpackers forget to do laundry ….

2 – Steal Toilet Paper

What can we say? When washrooms rarely have toilet paper …

3 – Eat Other People’s Leftovers

You can catch them in the act …

4 – Pee in the Water

Be it a lake, an ocean, a pool, whatever …

5 – Have Sex in the Hostel Common Areas

You don’t want to think it happens ….

6 – Lie About their Status

Whether it’s saying they’re a student to get the student discount, pretending  ….

7 – Stereotype

We hear it all the time: Typical Germans ….

8 – Drink their Dinner

When on a tight budget in a party town, sometimes backpackers have to choose between food and drink …

9 – Put the Toilet Paper Down the Toilet

In many backpacker countries, the plumbing is not ….

10 – Crave Western Food

Backpackers are meant to be well versed in travel culture, …

By: Kaila Krayewski


Read more about these here


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