Posted by: traveljunkies | January 15, 2010

The Best Backpacking Food

Perhaps your favorite backpack is a freeze-dried food is the dinner of Turkey. There really is no “best” backpacking food. There are reasons to bring certain foods, though. Here are ten foods, and the reasons you might consider for her.

1. Nuts. This is one of calorie-packed foods can be done. This means less weight to carry. With a lot of protein and other benefits nutritonal, walnuts one of the best backpacking foods.

2. Oil. Add a little ‘for the soup, or dipBread in it. The best oils health wise, you can eat before going to bed to keep warm, because fats generate heat when digested for.

3. Trail mix. Any mix with raisins and nuts is ideal for backpackers. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, and the best reason – convenience.

4. Corn Products. Can cause cause tortilla chips or corn nuts are convenient, and do not seem to fatigue, and chips and other simple carbohydrates.

5. Ramen noodles. If you have a hot mealquickly, there is not much better.

6. Instant coffee. A necessity for caffeine addicts, and it is good if it is a stimulant for emergencies.

7. Edible wild berries. Learn to identify some, and you get nutricious an excuse for a break on how to have.

8. Instant sports drinks. Pour a little shake in your water bottle. Replacing electrolytes is more convenient.

9. Instant beans. If we want sustainable energy, eat beans.

10. YourFavorites. After your favorite foods can help save a rainy backpacking trip spent in tents.




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