Posted by: traveljunkies | January 15, 2010

No Fail Adventure Travel Tips

Having travelled all over the world and being the consummate observer of human behavior, I have developed a list of travel tips that can make your next trip less stressful and more enjoyable with a little planning before your departure.

• Luggage: I can’t begin to recount the times that I have watched people at the baggage carousel perusing each black rolling bag that comes of the belt only to discover it is not their luggage. When picking luggage, choose something that stands out and that you can spot as it comes onto the belt. It will also be easier to describe should your luggage not arrive when you do at your destination.

• Pack Light: With the airlines charging more and more for luggage fees (some being $100 roundtrip if you check 2 bags), it makes more sense than ever to consider what you carry. We all carry way too much with the anticipation of needing that one item that we never unpack. Lay everything out that you think that you will need and reassess before placing it in the bag. And, it will make it easier for you to carry both going and coming.

• Documents: Make photocopies of all-important documents and carry them separately. This includes but is not limited to passports, visas, tickets, immunization record, and any other critical documents. If traveling in sketchy areas, consider carrying all important documents and cash in a money belt or document pouch under your shirt.

• Resealable plastic bags: I am a firm believer in having multiple sizes on hand when packing for any trip. They are great for organizing clothing, toiletries, gear and more as the contents are visible and contained within the deep recesses of your bag.

• Health Insurance: If traveling internationally, verify that your regular health insurance policy covers illness or injury overseas. If not, consider a short-term policy for the duration of your trip.

• Day Pack: Consider carrying a daypack as your carryon. It should be between 1,500-2,000 cubic inches and have multiple compartments and have a hip belt. While traveling, you will have a hands free way to carry your toiletries and extra clothes. At your destination, you will have a great place to carry a water bottle, snacks, camera and extra clothes (your other luggage may be inaccessible during the day) while touring or day hiking.

• Apparel: I constantly live by the mantra of ‘Function over Fashion’. Whether you are on an airplane or climbing Kilimanjaro, dressing in layers will never fail you. Layers can be removed or replaced as dictated by the weather or activity. I personally only wear synthetic apparel when traveling. This includes base layers, tops, bottoms, and shells. They dry quickly and in the event that you have to wash them in a hotel sink, they will be dry within hours as opposed to cotton. Another item that I always have with me are my convertible pants. If it gets hot, I can zip off the legs and replace when the temperature drops.
• Proper Footwear: It is amazing to walk through a large airport and check out the diverse footwear that you see people wearing in which to travel. If you must wear that fashion piece, I recommend carrying them in your carryon and putting them on after you have reached your destination. Flip-flops and high heels are not conducive for running from one concourse to the next after a last minute gate change has been announced.





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