Posted by: traveljunkies | January 5, 2010

Why AOL will buy Twitter

By Gary Stein, ClickZ, Jan 5, 2010

There’s just no way Twitter will make it all the way through 2010 as an independent company. Probably by summer, but no later than autumn, we’ll see Twitter scooped up and integrated into another service. There are a few potential candidates, but the one that seems to make the most sense is AOL. First, let’s look at reasons why Twitter will end up with someone; then we’ll look at why this someone has to be AOL.

Reason No. 1: Facebook Will Go Public

Reason No. 2: Twitter Traffic Will Plateau

Reason No. 3: Twitter Has Leverage Over the Big Guys

Why AOL?

Reason No 1: Tim Armstrong

Reason No. 2: 100 Million+ AIM Users

Reason No. 3: AOL’s Sales Force Can Drive AIM and Twitter

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