Posted by: traveljunkies | December 3, 2009

Do The Worst Things First

One of the advantages of working from home and learning how to make money online is that you can concentrate on doing what you really enjoy. Nevertheless  I have to say that the majority of people with home based businesses find that there are a few fundamental chores they absolutely hate doing.

So let’s look at some examples:

  • Doing The Accounts – this one is me today and hence this post
  • Chasing Payments From Debtors – rarely a problem if you make money online, as the cash follows the delivery of the service or product
  • Pursuing New Business – oh no, not more marketing today
  • Backing Up The Computer Hard Disk – if you don’t sooner or later, you are going to left like a gibbering wreck crying on the floor – trust me in my early days I was there
  • Filing Documents – yep, setting up folders, offline, online, getting your space organized, your mind organized and your business organized.
  • Tidying The Office & Emptying The Bins – just ask my son who shares my office, I am OCD when it comes to this, which is bad enough in and of itself:-)

Do not fall into the trap of putting these tasks off until the end of the day, end of the week, or end of the month…”oh it’s not important it will be ok”…tell that to the tax authorities when your accounts are now squared up and delivered on time.

To be sure that you make money, just spend a few minutes at the beginning of each day completing those necessary but unpleasant tasks. If you do this regularly you’ll find that the jobs you hate will almost take care of themselves – leaving you to spend the rest of the day engaged in your more favourable business activities.

Courtesy of Kevin Potts


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